Welcome to 2damax!

11 September 2017

2damax is a brand of sportswear created in 2016 specially designed for fitness and strength sport athletes (bodybuilders, power lifters, weightlifters…). It offers a range of quality clothing with a design that conveys the values of this sport and which can be worn both inside and outside of the gym. Within a short time the brand has become extremely popular and is being constantly worn by many fitness addicts and professional bodybuilders.

2damax is an NGO was founded in 2016 by Alexis Habich and Jennifer Teuwen a young couple of fitness entertners from Brussels , they manage 2 fitness centres, one consultation centre specialising in sport diet , an educational centre, both of them work also as sport coaches and have prepared numerous belgian and french athletes for internationals competitions. Both of them have dreamt to create a New clothing company specialized in strength sports.

Additionaly Jennifer is a competing athlète in body building and she ‘s double benelux Nac champion and World finalist.

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